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Dust To Dust

Dust To Dust

written by: Leena Thampi


Are you afraid of me?
Asked Death
I ain’t afraid of you
Am only afraid of not living my life to the fullest,
Death doesn’t announce itself,
For everyone will conk out one day,
Poor or wealthy all end in the dust.
Count your blessings, contribute to the world.

If ever I am invited remember to welcome me with grace,
Dress me like a bride, decorate my grave
With milky white mogra flowers,
Make it aesthetic like I am alive
Let the world see my smiling face,
Play my favorite track once again,
Don’t stand at my grave and weep
Gift me those white roses serene,
Cherish the deeds I leave behind,
Unfinished verses, incomplete prose
Engrave my name as I permanently doze.

Forgive me if I couldn’t fulfill my vows,
But never ever think I am lost,
I will be the brightest star in the sky
I will be the morning dew in your garden of flowers,
I will be the humble autumn breeze
I will be the quiet dove flapping her wings,
I will be in the midst of zealous pluviophiles,

None can steal me from your precious memories.
I wish my dust could help one flower bloom,
And make my life worthwhile.
Empty handed we enter life and barefoot we leave the world.

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