The Departing Point Of Misery written by Camille at

The Departing Point Of Misery

The Departing Point Of Misery

written by: Camille



War rages between hope and despair.
It is prolonged and bloody to the bitter end.
Until You are barren…empty…your body a ravaged land..
You roam, lost and disillusioned through desolate plains.
Until you are all but consumed…The angst of the human condition hard on your heels…..unrelenting…tormenting.
Like the fox who can run no more…before him a sea of snapping jaws.
At this point he knows the inevitable..
His fate soon sealed in his own spilled blood….

Hooded soldiers stomp a fruitless victory across your weary bones.
The vultures pick clean your carcass…
Greedy beaks play a victory song across your bleached white ribs,
Drawing music from your lifeless bones like the strings of a macabre violin.

In a mere breath you are gone,
Far above this nothingness world from which you now depart.
Your Awakening was ultimately your demise,
At least in the mortal sense..and yet there was a longing.
A longing to as a bird.
Beyond the departing point of misery.

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