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Nothing But The Rain

Nothing But The Rain

written by: TM Arko



On a damp Spring morning I sit and await
Sunlight’s promise
Eternity is grey
And my warm thoughts wash away
I don’t feel nothing but the rain
In the houses of sorrow, in the dark lonely rooms
The reapers make their plans to gather
All the gloom
To shadow all of our hearts with fear
In the cloud covered night
I look for universal starlight
I don’t see nothing but the rain
A wicked tree drips the blood of hate
To stain the world
The eaves of an old house seem to cry
The blackbird sends curses
Like death’s dark refrain
I don’t hear nothing but the rain
The days of my youth have gone down in the flood
All my lovers have left with the sun
Through the ages of dawn
My light is suddenly gone
And I don’t have nothing but the rain
Then from the reigning darkness like slivers
The light comes bursting through
Way over yonder I behold
The crisp bright circle
Of Blue
As my spirit revives and I know I am alive
The wondrous winds come and blow away
All my pain
The splendid sunlight burns out
All the squalor within
It is then that spiritual realization begins
And there is so much more than just the rain

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