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written by: Rosie Persiani



Are you listening, Rosie?
You have a tendency
to space out and you need
to not do that right now.
There will be a day
Where your skin never felt his
You’ll shed the skin cells
That you felt were tainted
By his.
No one noticed
Those specific skin cells
Even though they burned.
They burned
A bright white light
That made your soul awaken
But you got rid of it.
You will be okay.
You’re allowed to feel pain.
Even though you’re not sad.
Keep paying attention.
You can’t achieve those
If you aren’t facing
I know you had to hide in them.
But now you don’t.
Those daydreams
Are a distraction.
Keep dreaming,
Because you don’t need
To let time slip by

Rosie Persiani

Rosie Persiani

Rosie Persaini is a poet, writer, and Youtuber. Most of her writing is comically-spun from her own life experiences. Rosie won an honorable mention in the 2017 Donald Hall Poetry Prize Competition at Quinnipiac University. She will be graduating with an English Degree concentrating in Creative Writing from Quinnipiac University in 2019.
Rosie Persiani

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