A Rainy Day with My Silly Friend by Mr Fun at Spillwords.com

A Rainy Day with My Silly Friend

A Rainy Day with My Silly Friend

written by: Mr Fun



It was a rainy day.
I called to my friend,
who was standing across the street.
Silly friend, I thought.
A driver could easily lose control
in this horrid weather and run you over.
Perhaps even swerving to miss could allow
for the car’s rear end to hit you instead,
hurling you into an even more dangerous predicament,
where the future viability of your limbs
would most definitely come into question.
But Alas, it wasn’t meant to be…
My friend was overly cautious and attempted
to cross the street when no cars did the same.
So, without hesitation,
I quickly jumped into my car
and proceeded to educate him
in the wonders of hydroplaning.
And as he was hurled through the air, limbs flailing into oncoming traffic,
I knew I was ensuring he would never make the mistake
of walking…not necessarily just in the rain, ever again.
What a silly friend.

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