KALEIDOSCOPIC written by Hema at Spillwords.com



written by: Hema


Green signifies growth, life and energy
freshness in the garden and at home
Green bills do foster jealousy and greed
Is green the ideal colour?

Yellow Sun symbolizes leadership
delicious, nutritious fruits are yellow
Darker shades symbolize decay and disease
Yellow-your favourite colour?

As universal donor white is neutral
represents purity, peace and friendship
the clean slate or the blank canvas
waits to be written upon. You choose?

Red – igniting passions, blood and war
the sign of ambition and determination
the reddish highlight the masculine; the dark
red signifies longing and evil, Your preference?

Colour of the sky and the sea
Blue soothes as a balm
Reduces stress, increases order
Yet, a No! in food. Penchant for blue?

On one side, nobility and prestige
on the other the magicians, mystery and magic
Violet vibrations highest in the visible spectrum
Is Purple among your choicest?

The citrus stimulating appetite
Orange induces emotive strength
to gain insights, quality in life
Will you pick the orange?

Blackmail – the negativity associated
Black also indicates elegance and wealth
absorbing the negative energy
Black’s beautiful, d’you think so?

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