At The Sea, a poem by Paweł Markiewicz at
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At The Sea

At The Sea

written by: Paweł Markiewicz


The sailors chew the amorous oranges.
The boaters devour the colorful plum.
The cadets consume maudlin-dreamy grapes.
The divers eat maybe corny melon.

The mariners dine the nostalgic pear.
The pilots ingest tender blueberry.
The jacks gobble up the passionate date.
The lascars pick glamorous blackberry.

The bluejackets absorb the strawberry.
The mates wolf the Utopian apple.
The middies snack exciting raspberry.
The navigators have the nectarine.

The old salts swallow charming hazelnut.
The seafarers taste dazzling coconut.

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