Finally, It All Ends, a poem written by Tebatjo Malaka at
Silvestri Matteo

Finally, It All Ends

Finally, It All Ends.

written by: Tebatjo Malaka



Everything to end is made;
To impending loss well laid.
Passing life we most hold dear,
To waiting grave is drawing near;
The memories made in bliss,
Soon their fateful last will kiss;
For everything will fade,
To nothingness.

On margins of borrowed time,
Mortal breath expires its rhyme;
Crescendos a note of woe,
Each jingle of mirth below;
Each day, howe’er bright and fair,
Draws each frame onward graves’ lair!
For the end is the aim,
And wear, and tear.



Moments don’t last, neither life.  Cherish them with the utmost sincerity.

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