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My Pride

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My Pride

written by: Manoj Krishnan


The countless stars of the firmament gathered one night
And riding on the winged chariot of the moon you arrived
When you looked at me once and blinked your little eyes
Amid the giggles and stares of this world, my heart cried

All I yearned to run away and hid in that darkest corner
Looking at your smile, resolved, I wouldn’t be a mourner
Whatever this world may think, you are my bundle of joy
A special gift of Almighty to me, you are an adorable toy

When others’ children bring worldly accolades at home
You bring mirth abound, with every new word you learn
I forget all pangs of life when you snuggle into my arms
All pricking wounds get healed, with your angelic charm

For whatever I did, you gave me boundless love in return
How blessed I am, this is what my soul always yearned
Though the world frowns and thinks I’m away from reality
Who cares about them when I know you’re my life’s glee

Far away from all taunts and harsh words of closed ones
I get respite when you wipe these shedding tears, O! son
How could I ever imagine life without you, my dear child
Since the day you arrived in my life you’ve been my pride

Manoj Krishnan

Manoj Krishnan

Manoj Krishnan is a software engineer by profession, currently working in the US-based MNC in Gurgaon. He is the founder of the Asian Literary Society, a community of thousands of readers, writers, and poets from all over the world. Manoj Krishnan is the author of Historical fiction, "Kanishka," and four anthologies of poems, The Fragrance of Nature and Love, Enchanting Korea, Nagmani Darshan, Main Shiv Ban Jaaunga. He has compiled and edited seven international anthologies of poems. Manoj Krishnan’s poems and short stories have been selected and published in national and international anthologies. He has won international novel writing championship Nanowrimo 2017, 2018 and The Indian Awaz™ 'Author of the Year' 2017-18 Award. He runs a blog, "The Crimson book." Apart from writing, he is a voracious reader and reviewer. He is also interested in long-distance running, philately, painting, and paper cut art.
Manoj Krishnan

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