Hoping Yet, a poem written by Tebatajo Malaka at Spillwords.com

Hoping Yet

Hoping Yet

written by: Tebatjo Malaka



I concur. None can glory all the time,
I must learn to prepare for a descent;
Falling and rising is part of life’s aim.—
Surely, this be one thing I should’ve learnt
A long long time ago, by now. Did I?
Not all of it. Each rising and falling
Still feels like a new experience. Sigh. —
Okay, that was not crying nor whining.
There’s one thing so lovely about hope,
Though not bidden, comes so timely in sight,
By itself, to make you smile yet and cope,
And whispers, “hey there. It will be alright.”
You see, when everything is said and done,
One must yet hope as when they first begun.

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