They Can't Turn Off The Sun, poetry by Sajida Haddad at
Patricia Jekki

They Can’t Turn Off The Sun

They Can’t Turn Off The Sun

written by: Sajida Haddad



They’re trying to starve us
Making prices sky high
They’re cutting off our water
And electric lines
They’re making us beg for
Our basic rights
Keeping us busy
So we don’t fight
Try what they may
But I still have hope
They can try to make us leave
But somehow we’ll cope
Because they can’t turn off the sun
They can’t cut off the air
They can try to suffocate us
But they can’t break us
So don’t despair
God will always be there
They know we’re a force to be reckoned with
So they cut off our supplies and our oxygen
I don’t know how to solve this but I know this
We can pray to God to get us out of this
Somehow we’ll find a way out
Our voices won’t be silenced
If we help each other out
And pray to God for guidance
Because they can’t turn off the sun
It will always rise and set again

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