A Pick Me Up, poetry by Sajida Haddad at Spillwords.com
Aditya Enggar Perdana

A Pick Me Up

A Pick Me Up

written by: Sajida Haddad



I’m alive, I’m okay, it’s a beautiful day
Come alive, come play, it’ll be okay
Sun’s shining, take a walk, you deserve it
Dance to the beat of a song you earned it
Anytime that you want, can be fun o’clock
Anyday that you try, can be worth a shot

We all feel down sometimes
We all feel heavy
You’re not alone anytime
When you need me I’m ready

Life can get hard sometimes
Heartbeat unsteady
When you lose faith inside
Reach out and let me

Let me tell you all the ways you make my day
Let me show you all the ways you can be great
Life’s scary sometimes but you are brave
Because you feel your feelings anyway

We all get lonely sometimes
We all need a shoulder to cry on
So here’s a pick me up for times
When you need someone to rely on

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