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Embracing The Unknown

Embracing The Unknown

written by: Sajida Haddad



Every time I stare at the sky
I stand on the ledge
And I feel I want to cry
I think about death
And I don’t know why

My chest feels tight
I can’t breathe deep
And every night
I just can’t sleep
And I don’t know why

These thoughts consume me
I cannot deny

The weight of darkness pulls me down
In this sea of emotions, I may drown

But in the chaos
Is a glimmer of hope
A flicker of light
Helping me cope

I search for answers
Reasons unknown
These feelings haunt me
I feel so alone

But in this journey
I’ll find my way
Embrace the sunshine
And seize the day

Life’s a tapestry
Woven with care
Each thread of existence
A story to share

The pain may linger
I’ll strive to find
Beauty in moments
Joy intertwined

So, as I gaze at the sky
I’ll let my tears dry
Embrace the unknown
I’ll learn and I’ll grow

And find the strength to let my spirit glow

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