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The Key to Happiness

The Key to Happiness

written by: Sajida Haddad



I’ve been walking on the same Path
For way too long
I often stop to take a breath
Then move along

It’s like I’m Constantly
In battle mode
Mind, heart, and body
They sync too slow

My soul is full of adventure
My mind is full of regret
My heart can’t handle the pressure
My body needs its rest

So I reassess my life
Every once in a while
I often reflect on my life
Is all this pain worthwhile?

When you’re in a state of Flow
They say you feel your life perfectly align
I get that feeling to and fro
I’m mentally breaking down otherwise

They say the key to happiness
Is to create it on your own
It’s to selflessly give
And to make your heart your home

Never get too attached
To things you may not always own
Never think you are the best
But have confidence on your own

It’s the little acts of love
Towards yourself and others
That create your happiness

There’s always a part of us
That wants to be accepted by others
And how we act makes all the difference

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