Killer Thoughts, micro fiction by Colleen M. Tice at
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Killer Thoughts

Killer Thoughts

written by: Colleen M. Tice



In the morning mist, when the knife twists you will watch your grandest desires leave with nothing but a kiss. She whispers, “Don’t you see that with desire pain rides along beside it. Pain is desire’s companion and death’s sister.” Death uses many weapons, a knife, a brick, or a word it doesn’t matter. Death comes for all, day or night. Mistress Death seeks the old, the young, the innocent, and the wrong doer.
The killer smirks, “Do you think I have not danced with her? Do you realize I have tasted her bitter seal? Mistress Death can hunt me, she may kiss me goodbye or hello.” Pulling his dagger out of his pocket he slides his forefinger along the sharp edge. A thin line of blood flows over it. He points the tip at her, “The blade would feel wonderful against your neck.” Laughing she tilts her chin to the back of the room. “I wouldn’t try it… My friends will kill you right where you stand.” A wicked smile creeps over his face, “Do you think I would harm you? Here of all places, I would want us to have privacy my dear,” he slides his dagger into its sleeve. He looks around the room and winks at the gentlemen behind him.

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