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Spirit of Life

Spirit of Life

written by: Muhammad Mohsin



To those who acknowledged me
To those who opened their hearts to me
To those who cried with me
To those who know me

Oh defeat, I try I try I try
I might happen to cry
Oh defeat, you might see my sigh
But still I would stand up and try

Oh journey, I walk I walk I walk
I am weak and I am lost
Oh journey, you know it was hard
But still I fought

Oh victory, I grin I grin I grin
I cheer and count it a win
Oh victory, you have a shiny feelin’
But still I find something missin’

Oh death, if I die if I die if I die
Remember I still live just above the sky
Oh death, you might frighten thy
But remember I always loved the Goodbye.

Muhammad Mohsin

Muhammad Mohsin

Muhammad Mohsin is a biomedical engineer by education, but his passion lies in healthcare entrepreneurship, healthcare innovation, and creative thinking. Currently working as an Innovation fellow at CCIT, Aga Khan University Karachi, Mohsin aims to play a leadership role in changing the healthcare systems and policies in Pakistan.
Muhammad Mohsin

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