Spirit of Life, a poem by Muhammad Mohsin at Spillwords.com
Amir Esrafili

Spirit of Life

Spirit of Life

written by: Muhammad Mohsin



To those who acknowledged me
To those who opened their hearts to me
To those who cried with me
To those who know me

Oh defeat, I try I try I try
I might happen to cry
Oh defeat, you might see my sigh
But still I would stand up and try

Oh journey, I walk I walk I walk
I am weak and I am lost
Oh journey, you know it was hard
But still I fought

Oh victory, I grin I grin I grin
I cheer and count it a win
Oh victory, you have a shiny feelin’
But still I find something missin’

Oh death, if I die if I die if I die
Remember I still live just above the sky
Oh death, you might frighten thy
But remember I always loved the Goodbye.

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