The Purpose, poetry by Muhammad Mohsin at
Benjamin Davies

The Purpose

The Purpose

written by: Muhammad Mohsin



What it takes you to live?
What is it that makes you thrive?
What is your reason to smile?
What is that makes you shine?

You seek the path that demands your whole being
You walk the path which serves the other being
You got to explain the reason for your own being
You need to have vision of seeing beyond just being

Beyond right and wrong, there is a field
that is where mysteries will be revealed
Heavens or the hell, something must be conceived
hereafter it is your loved friends that you must meet.

Seek no purpose in your friendship
Seek no purpose in your worship
We serve no use to the Manship
We serve no purpose to the Godship.

The larger act of the universe must be sought
We Mortals mere act according to the plot
May we contribute to the act a whole lot
Maybe this is the purpose that we both thought.

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