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Going Home

Going Home

written by: Vidya Venkataramanan


Singled out
At last,
To go Home,
A weary stork,
Found to his delight,
That he was strobe lighted
At Twilight,
Just as his tired wings,
Had given up,
Barely flapping,
Ennui and defeat had taken their toll!

Lifetimes of longing
To connect with the One,
Waiting for Him
Through penance
And bare sustenance,
On a broken wing
And a prayer,
Finally paid off!
The Master had come,
To single him out,
Strobe lighted,
At Twilight,
The dawn of enlightenment!

Shimmering waters,
Held up hopes,
Erasing patterns
That bound and gagged,
Knots that tightened
At every turn!

The frail flaps now
Surged with power,
As new life did empower,
Gaining momentum,
Gliding swiftly
Over understanding water,
And taking off
Into skies so blue,
To find all that was True,
Not in heaven above
Or one below,
But within you
In the quiet sanctuary
Beyond the mind!

The Master,
Switched off the lights
That had highlighted the shadows,
But strangely,
The light
Of Realisation,
Shone bright,
Glowing from within.

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