There Was Music, haiku by Robyn MacKinnon at

There Was Music

written by: Robyn MacKinnon



No expectations

but there was lots of music

celebrating this



Illustration description: A bright, warm coloured background, created with a gradient from purple to red to yellow. Created with the “angle” gradient tool, the colours start with purple in the bottom left, blending to pink over most of the right and center of the image, becoming red near the top left corner, then completing the rotation to where yellow meets purple as two opposites side by side. The pinnacle of the gradient is placed left and upward of center. Meanwhile, 3 sets of 5 horizontal lines (a la, a musical staff) divide the middle of the image. Musical notes scatter about the image, not constrained to the musical staves in any particular way. Each line of the haiku appears above a stave, starting with the first line above the topmost stave. The words are printed in black Bickham Script Pro 3 Bold, matching the colour of the staves and musical notes. All of these shapes seem dusted with just a bit of light, helping the shapes to stand out from the darker parts of the background.

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