Echoes of Longing, poetry by Sajida Haddad at

Echoes of Longing

Echoes of Longing

written by: Sajida Haddad



I know you hear me
Every time I call unto you
When I am tongue-tied
You know my heart is speaking the truth

I feel elated
When I am listening to words said by you
I feel deflated
When I am veering off of the path toward you

And I know and I know and I know no matter how hard I try
That heaviness in my chest won’t bid me goodbye
Until I fill the void with my love for you
Instead of always chasing these empty rooms

I keep knocking on these doors
But they remain closed, my pleas ignored
Yet still, I persist, with hope in my core
Seeking solace in the silence that roars

For in the echoes of my longing cries
Resides the strength to endure goodbyes
Though the journey ahead may be obscure
I’ll keep knocking on these doors, for sure

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