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The Worst: Episode 1

I Was Ready To Leave From Set Go

written by: thePoeticpiper



I saw you from not so far in the chilly cloudy weather
Around the time at my brothers wedding
Wearing casual, acting formal
A pretty face, my eyes couldn't shy away from
After the introduction, I presented an ice cream date
Turned out to be a pizza plate

Down the lane, we got hooked into each other, a new relationship
Weekends at your residence I made a lot of features
Valentines played its part as you had nothing on
Flat flirt, no sex, just the activity of satisfaction
Tried to break me but somehow I held back
Massaged you down salt lake city
Told me you loved me, I fell into that

Drove you around to places you wanted to go
Kisses in public without a care
Surprises for you, to show I cared
Fell for the love card, only to find it was a joker
Then winter came in snowflakes, my allergies kicked in
In a week, I fell into depression, let you go
A text message from you surfaced
"OK, I was ready to leave from set go"
The worst

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