A Wounded Flower, a poem by Taiye Treasure at Spilwords.com

A Wounded Flower

A Wounded Flower

written by: Taiye Treasure


Closing my eyes and being in darkness feels like eternity,
Oh, what a world! Where the girl child is treated badly.
The fear of walking alone in darkness,
Feels like the end of life each second that passes.

The faces of men are those of apes,
Her heart keeps screaming and bleeding.
This was the cry of fear, abuse of a young beautiful flower,
A beautiful flower shrinked together in the presence of an ape.
The life of a flower was at risk, shrinked, torn,
Ripped off her flower and color by an ape.

Click!! Click!! Click!! Time stopped

The force of the ape scared her away into the corner of her garden, feeling grounded,
Ripped off her own flower in her garden, that moment her world stopped.
The feeling of loneliness, sadness, depression, and being used.

What a beauty!! Came the voice of a monster,
Within a few seconds there laid a beauty,
Shrinked, sweating and screaming
Monster!! Monster!! Monster!!

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