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Letters From the Battlefield in Kashmir

written by: Linda Scanlan


My dear Linn -

More tragedy
Today such bad news to convey...

Death and destruction
Blood mixed with ash
Tears and despair
Strangle night air
Breathing gets harder
Our souls crushed
Dead yet walking
To what unknown destiny...

Boundless horror
Soundless screams
There will be no peace in the valley tonight...

Chemicals set a house ablaze
Freedom fighters trapped within
Skin scorched
Barely identifiable
They are you and me...

Their voices silenced
Ours pierce the night
Bullies bullying
Does might ever make right
Our resolve
Our commitment
To keep up the fight
Until the valley knows peace one day...

Linda Scanlan

Linda Scanlan

I am an observer of the human condition whose mission is to write poetry and prose exposing social...political...economic injustice.
Linda Scanlan

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