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written by: Archana Bahadur Zutshi


The cherry coloured fabric
Had a vibrant teasing look
Which never did fade.
The feminine touch was enhanced by my frame.
It was patterned by the slim dexterous fingers,
She patted carefully the floral pattern,
Stirring patterns for an unselfconscious,
It was a gender tap, a shocking acknowledgment!

It was like separation of the grain!
The blouse showed the midriff!
I was husked in a moment of unease,
Startling discovery of gender advent.
It all came with a nervous rush!

Not far from teens, uncool, lanky,
Grappling with growth-gaps?
So long as the stereotype is unfigured,
And the feminine trigger is not set by upsetting me,
I pranced around childlike abandoning,
In the prim air of familial admiration.
Fettered, gradually, by gendered graces,
The natural ease dissipated?

My gendered growth was socially sanctioned,
I eventually acknowledged!
It was challenging to challenge the pattern!

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