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Come Join Me

Come Join Me

written by: Bernard Gabriel Okurut



The trees whisper something
Strange to my ears,
I hate the way my bones shake
As if my death is near.
I call for help but no one hears,
It seems the world has left me to drown
In my fears.

An owl hoots at my father’s grave,
Something tells me that it’s my father
Who calls.
“Come join me son, come join me”
A shadow beckons me.

I hear crying voices in the ceiling,
My mum weeps for me.
“Run for your life son, run for your life”
Her voice keeps telling me.

My brother’s ghost haunts my dreams,
He holds a knife at me!
“You are a dead man Gabriel, you are a dead man”
He yells at me……
It’s my life he wants, he is jealous of me.

The big house laughs at me,
The man in the mirror stares at me with malevolent eyes.
“You can’t run son, you can’t run”
My father’s voice tells me.

“They want you dead, son they want you dead”
My mother’s smiling portrait warns me.
She is the only one wishes well for me!

The bookshelf is haunted too,
It’s like the ghosts escaped from the story books.
They have joined my father and my dead brother to haunt me!

The tape recorder whispers,
“Come join me son, come join me.
The grave is your destiny”.
The night is dark too,
I sleep with my eyes open.
Lest my father’s ghost does harm to me.

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