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The Spirit of the Season

The Spirit of the Season

written by: Ivanka Fear



Every creak you hear…
my footsteps on the floorboards as I creep unseen behind you.
Every moan you note…
my sigh in surround sound as I speak mournfully in your ear.

Every spirit you see…
my shape a shadow on the wall as I peer speechless at you.
Every ghost you glimpse…
my death shroud shimmering as I materialize before your eyes.

Every breeze you feel…
my breathless breath upon your neck as I kiss your rosy cheek.
Every chill you shiver…
my embrace of death as I ease my fingers along your skin.

Every scent you smell…
my presence caressing as I envelope your body.
Every essence you detect …
my soul encompassing as I possess your senses.

Every grain you taste…
my lips skimming yours as I trace my tongue back and forth.
Every morsel you savour…
my mouth smothering as I take your breath away.

Every dream you dream…
my phantom form floating above you as I return, eternally yours.
Every refrain you keep hearing…
my lyrics on your radio as I hum my haunting melody.

Every festive season, my dear,
my skeletal remains freed from beneath as I seek to release you from your earthly ties.
Every New Year’s Eve, don’t fear,
my unrelenting spirit sent back to the biosphere as I beseech you to come die with me.

Did you really believe I would ever leave you?
A mere ghost of Christmases past?

Not on your life.
I’ll forever and always be your ghostly wife
to have and to haunt till death do us reunite.

Ivanka Fear

Ivanka Fear

Ivanka Fear is a Slovenian born Canadian writer. Her poems and stories appear in numerous publications, including Understorey, The South Shore Review, Blank Spaces, Montreal Writes, Orchards Poetry, October Hill, Mystery Tribune, and elsewhere. The debut novel of her Blue Water mystery series is scheduled for release by Level Best Books in January 2023.
Ivanka Fear

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