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The Sweet Roar of Love

The Sweet Roar of Love

written by: LK Lawrence


How sweetly she sleeps enclosed in your arms
Such beauty, such wit, such wonderful charm
You gaze at the lips that can brighten your day
And lovingly wipe her drool all away.
The steadiness of her breathing, her innocent purr
Then she coughs, she wheezes, and you question,
“Is that my girl?”

You quietly pray, “Thank God other men are such fools.”
And use part of the sheet to, again, wipe away drool.
Her eyes when they smile, her laugh you adore
“Has that innocent purr now changed to a snore?”

Your angel, your love, your sweet, sweet amore
You can barely hear your thoughts through her powerful roar.
Yet, there she is sleeping, her body at rest
Except for her drool running down your manly chest.

With eyes raised to heaven, “Dear God, what have I done?”
Your only thought now is to run, run, run!
For this “beauty”, this “angel”, this “princess” on your chest
Has turned into Atilla the Hun, with slobbering breath.

Lifting her head in time with her snores
You stealthily lay it on the pillow and fall to the floor.
Escape you must is one of your thoughts.
And, can you exchange the plane ticket you so anxiously bought?

Quietly you creep from the bed to the door
Avoiding the pull of her mighty roar.
With one final glance, you step into the hall
And say to yourself. “Au revoir la jungle snore!”

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