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The Witches Mark

The Witches Mark

written by: Rain Alchemist



It was a dark, quiet moonless night,
Weirdly restless, I was feeling uptight,
I went for a walk near the old park lane,
To calm my nerves, for the stress to refrain,
Little that I knew, this decision will turn oddly insane!
As I strolled, near a shrub I saw an old hag,
She grinned, showing out a wooden doll from her ragged bag,
She was decorating the bush with straw crafted sigils,
Suddenly entering in an unholy trance, her body quivered in erratic vigil,
Uttering some gibberish spells, as if she had a sinister task to fulfil.
Freaked by the sight, I quickly moved up ahead,
As a strong enchanting fragrance filled up my head,
Right in front of me was the most beautiful maiden,
Laden with golden ornaments, mesmerizing me by her glamorous essence,
But something was wrong with her expression, as if in this world she was harshly forsaken,
As I approached her, she glared with her big popping eyes, rapidly floating towards me,
She screeched as she turned into a hideous entity, with twisted foot that only now I could see,
She passed through me like a ghostly fog in a panicking event, I could hardly foresee!
Sweating with fear, I started running toward the main road,
I could hear the croaking of million ravens flying above me in a hoard,
As I looked up the dimly lit night, they mysteriously attached together in a trance provoked spoon,
Covering the entire sky pulling and revealing the ominous black witch moon!
The celestial sphere appeared large and close as a sandy, dusty dark matter,
While a strange grey storm whirled from it, revealing some of its blood red craters,
From the gusty wind walked a creature I had never ever seen,
Viciously snarling with organising eye, and skin with a shining pitch-black sheen,
It pounced at me, biting directly on my soul, it intended to drag me to hell,
That moment, I was going to perish, the only thing I could tell!
But I awoke startled, my mother by my side, lying safe on my bed,
A lady sat next to me, you fainted that’s what she said,
She asked mockingly, what was the journey that I had set to embark,
That made me so anxious, to lose my consciousness near that park,
Still confused, sheepishly I tried to respond,
Contemplating all the fear I had to withstand,
When suddenly I looked at the lady’s hand,
Sketched by the same sigil crafted on the park land,
I snapped and jumped away from her, screaming,
Oh lord save us, she is bearing the witches mark!!

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