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The Familiar of Witchbane

The Familiar of Witchbane

written by: Rain Alchemist



A black feline with golden slit eyes,
Crossed my path with purrs and cries.
As I traverse through a muddy lane,
Into the infamous town of Witchbane!

Moonlit night drenched with fright,
Exploring terror is my insane plight.
Debunking myths uncanny to sight,
I am seeking things devoid of light!

Don’t cross the cursed threshold,
Or else bad luck is all you behold.
Unsure in future what may descend,
I take a step into this dark legend!

As I pass the scary line of folklore,
It feels like I opened a magic door.
Through a portal of flickering time,
I have entered a past, still pristine!

An ancient world in monochrome,
This Olden era was different from home.
A land of sorcery once pagans owned,
In its very roots, the occult had grown!

Once ripe in charm, now disowned,
A strong lineage brutally dethroned.
What ill fate made it a ghost town,
Strange Gripping puzzle makes me frown.

Startled by the toll of the midtown bell,
A shadow moves in a stealthy shell.
I follow the shape towards a burnt tower,
A broken relic of former power!

A growl, warning me to stay back,
A cat waits on the execution rack.
Fiery stare with her glaring sight,
Guarding her territory with fierce might!

Entirely surprised by what I see,
She shapeshifts to look just like me.
Arrowing a fireball from her mind,
Striking me in a mystical spellbind!

Inflicted by a supernatural vision,
I witness a horror with precision.
Town folks accused of witchcraft,
Burnt alive, tied to a wooden draft!

As these witches burn at stake,
With tremors, the whole town shakes.
Their souls depart as wild firewhirls,
Blazing existence as in maddening swirls!

A flaming tornado was speeding at me,
Only Death and destruction, I could see.
Suddenly, a large tail wraps my waist,
A furry grip pulls me to safety in haste!

As I crash back into a similar plane,
In my world, no injuries I have sustained.
Protected by the embrace of a gigantic cat,
I am baffled about how to react!

She speaks to me in a human tone,
She assures me I am not alone.
In her presence, I can feel safe,
From misery, I have escaped!

Her story is exceptionally peculiar,
She was once the village’s grand familiar!
A potent and purest form of nature entity,
They worshipped her like a supreme deity!

A clan of noble pupils with nature magic,
Their art helped the sick and tragic.
Witchery was not the source of prime evil!
The human fallacy was the actual devil!

Sinless charred or cut to slashes,
A refined civilization reduced to ashes.
As the magical fort fell long ago,
It birthed Monsters from man’s ego!

She lurks in dark corners of history,
Like a scribe to a long-lost mystery,
A phantom that chooses to remind,
Of forgotten sins that are left behind!

My heart swells with deep emotion,
As I chronicle this sad commotion.
Consoling me with her warm fur,
She said goodbye in a final purr!

A black feline with golden slit eyes,
Crossed paths with purrs and cries,
As I traverse back a muddy lane,
From the tragic legend of Witchbane!

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