Dancing Death, poetry by Julia Iwanetzki at Spillwords.com
Ryan Gagnon

Dancing Death

Dancing Death

written by: Julia Iwanetzki


Cold autumn air, rebirthed again
From summer’s bones
Into winter’s arms

The light is fading
Into shadows
Of red and yellow and falling leaves

Candles burning
A magic spell
Of ancient witchcraft
On new moon’s eve

Bones rattle and clatter
under rotten graves
their rest is disturbed
by haunted melodies

and the skeletons rise
out of the dirt
out of the shadows
into the world
out of the ash
out of their passion
into this dance
macabre they rise

and they spin and turn
in waltzes and pirouettes
their bones hit gravestones
with clattering sounds

The dead are dancing
Upon their graves
In haunting pirouettes
On all hallows eve

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