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I Never Told You How I Felt

I Never Told You How I Felt

written by: Giti Tyagi


I never told you how I felt,
The day you left, my dear friend,
Ahead you moved treading the path beautiful,
Chosen success, blessed with future bright!

Alone I stood outside your home,
Your rickshaw out of sight when went,
A glimpse of your face would have been enough,
But you didn’t turn back to wave!

Your teary eyes perhaps you hid,
Mine though I couldn’t from myself hide,
Never as strong as you had I been,
You, my sweetheart, my childhood friend!

The years spent together flashed,
Upon my inward eye as though,
It happened all just moments ago,
The games we played, the fights we fought!

Life seemed lost all of a sudden,
I prayed and prayed for your stay,
A delay perhaps would have pacified,
My gushing thoughts, the stormy waves!

The moment came, for sure it was,
The moment I wished would freeze forever,
Alone as I stood, time lost count,
Outside your home, empty locked!

The home, with memories several locked in, you left,
They wandered still as I went pass each time,
Calling as if my name loud and clear,
Waving to me for an invite for a chat!

Heavy steps denying refusing,
Could bear no more the weight of my thoughts,
Like a baby I cried, inconsolable me,
Each day since you, my dear, left!

You held my hand the days I felt,
Weak and lost, gloomy and sad,
My lonely days with delight you filled,
The memories joyous of the bygone days!

Two decades hence I still pray and pray,
What if that day had never come,
I never told you how I felt,
The day you left, my dear friend!

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