A Lovers' Quarrel Remembered, poem by Deirdre Carney at Spillwords.com
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A Lovers’ Quarrel Remembered

A Lovers’ Quarrel Remembered

written by: Deirdre Carney


It must be right
Because I’m saying it.
I never say things
Unless they’re right.

It must be wrong
Because you’re saying it.
You never say things
Unless they’re wrong.

The way I treat you
Is just how it should be.
I never treat you
In the wrong way.

The way you treat me
Is not how it should be.
You never treat me
In the right way.

I’m glad we’ve had
This little discussion.
I hope it clears
The matter up.

Now let’s get on
With our lovely evening
You look so nice in
The dress I bought.

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