Hurdles, poetry by Giti Tyagi at
Maria Orlova



written by: Giti Tyagi


Spiraling around the mountains hefty,
Humming, singing songs so sweet;
Touching softly pebbles underneath,
Lo, there’s a brook, pure and swift!

Not for once it stopped, not awhile,
Not for a moment focus it lost;
Danced and curled, hopped and curved,
Down in the plains, quenched the thirst!

A life without the thorns, imagine if you can,
Possibly what would it exactly be like;
No lessons, no progress, no enlightenment,
Without a Guru as a learner lost!

The way the Divine keeps us on the path,
Patience, strength, virtues develop;
Resistance, anger, natural reactions are
Impeding the progress, delaying the success!

Resent not, for they appear
To brighten up the path, to enlighten up the soul;
Companions trustworthy never do they fail,
In creating an environment conducive to change!

For the success, the progress, thank the impediments,
For they are the ones that hold you strong;
With the will, the power, let the race be won,
Quit not betwixt, vanquish the Hurdles!

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