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Look Up

Look Up

written by: Daedalus Chaos



We know of the heavens.
The stars and vast cosmos
display what’s imaginable
as long as we maintain
our dreams.

We know of our limits.
The glass ceiling, that
soft barrier which
seems to slowly allow
hints of expansion.

We know of your potential.
The projection of the
rocket you’ve been building
and have stated that
you’ll launch soon.

You didn’t know me.
After all, how could you
when you constructed a barrier
the moment I shot
for the moon?

Daedalus Chaos

Daedalus Chaos

Daedalus Chaos is a traveling spoken word artist and writer. He has performed in several countries around Europe and is currently residing in Warsaw, Poland, creating numerous English-speaking events and open mics.

His poetry covers the need for poets to come together and form a community sans border in today's society.
Daedalus Chaos

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