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written by: Louis Dorwaldt


     I sit in a field
          yellow in bloom

     full blooming yellow
          in a stopping-field

     seizing still in yellow
          blooming silence

It is my silent habit
     to sit so still
          walk so alone

strolling slowly in woods
      streams rowdily rushing
         beneath canopies rustling

oaks or pines or pines
     away from participation’s wrappings
         into magical mysteries

alone and silent
     as so often I sat on the cedar bank
          above Champlain’s Island Sea

in silence breathing
     in silence seeing
          in silence sitting

Louis Dorwaldt

Louis Dorwaldt

A seventy-seven year old who survived the war, the turmoil of the late 1960s, early 1970s, and who taught mathematics for the Community College of Vermont for many years and is now retired with his wife in the middle of Wisconsin's dairy country.
Louis Dorwaldt

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