The Route Home, a poem written by LadyLily at
Stephen Leonardi

The Route Home

The Route Home

written by: LadyLily



A joyful reunion with loved ones,
We will grip gauntlets of joy.
Gorse, yellow purses and prickly coats brush milkweed,
Sunflowers, with timeless eyes, sway in ancient mist,
Resurrecting waiting seeds.

Mauve clouds of perfume, billowing,
Show the etheric path home.
Your soul whispers, begging to be noticed,
It is here amongst us…Existing as a frozen Rose
Within Earth’s glimmering dawn,
Over a mountain, sharp.

White pillars of day protect flamed Poppies,
Reflecting in a pale grey rain.
Hummingbirds hover over brink-pink balsams,
Their shadows shimmer on red-plush seaweed.
Eucalyptus puffs peppermint swirls
As blue Violas razzamatazz azure.

Born in treasure once again!
The face in the mirror is mine…
Each flower vivid as the Sun,
Clouds are cotton,
Little lights flicker over Honeysuckled frames.

The Moon sees nothing of this.
Our Spirits yearn for peace
Where beauty soaks the skin,
Laughter, fireworks of happiness and…
Is our strength.



Love writing poetry in all styles, stories and working on a novel. Subjects range widely... about life in this world and the next, the beauty of the natural world and the grip of human emotions. First volume of poems self-published on Amazon kindle. 'LadyLily's Poems, Book 1, Wonders of Nature, Life Slices, Life After Life & Netherworlds.

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