Voices, a poem written by Jeff Flaig at Spillwords.com



written by: Jeff Flaig


Often, your reality
is worse than my insanity
You whisper from a distance
and scream into my ear,
staring with an eager expression,
hovering, demeaning voices
of forlorn insanity

I don’t perceive your thoughts,
nor comprehend them
Yet, they bellow into my empty mind
I long for voices
to understand you,
those comforting voices
of sweet insanity

You write your poems
and pin them to my forehead
I close my eyes
to read your pensive words, drowning,
ambushed echoes of murmuring voices,
those gratifying voices
of dulcet insanity

Your intentions dance with violins playing,
an orchestration of sad death marches
Flat notes abandon your movement
I listen to a twisted chorus,
those mellifluous singers
of dissonant insanity

Oh, will I awake from this nightmare
of your misbehaved observation
Go away and find your oppression
that I might be consoled
by tranquilizing soft eccentric whispers,
those wandering voices
of anodyne insanity

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