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Within The Society

Within The Society

written by: Rajendra Ojha


In every civilization, there is a fox trying to imitate the lion.
But not for long can they imitate this courageous being,
After all, they are cunning beings with an ingenious mind.
In this vast forest of a global society, there are crows,
Extremely proficient at stealing the ripe fruits of pleasure.

This society is a deep blue ocean that is yet to be explored;
And within this ocean, we have spectacular ductile pearls.
Yes, pearls that may possess toxic plastics plated with gold,
But only a handful of people in society have the insight-
To track the actual level of toxicity present in those pearls.

Every society has a Parrot struggling to break the ‘Cage of Agony’,
Agony that comes through the venom of social being, it fights.
To safeguard this civilization from ruthless intelligent venom,
Within society, there is a rational power that is detached from lust.
After all, the truth is that our society is ‘brown’ by its nature!

During the gloomy night, an Owl watches over the community.
But hold on! Can the Owl protect itself from those poisonous gold-plated pearls?

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