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Hit and Miss

Hit and Miss

written by: Deni Neighbour


I love you.
I loved you.
When you were you
When we had fun
When time embraced us
And life begun

I adore you.
I adored you
When you made me laugh
When we talked all night
When we kissed each other
Til dark turned light

I’d do anything for you
I would’ve done anything for you
When you were my soulmate
When we’d stand, we’d never run
When held our beliefs
We stood as one

Who’d thought it’d come to this
A man who changed into someone
I do not miss
An arrogant, selfish, big-headed fool,
Did I ever really know you at all?
I couldn’t believe the person that you’d become
It’s so different from the one you were before
The man I knew is dead and gone
For him I shall miss, grieve and long

I hate you
I hated you.
When you put me down
When you called me names
When you thought you were better than me.
For you it was just spiteful mind games.

One day you’ll find someone like yourself
To play havoc with your mental health
A narcissist just like you
Then you’ll know your love is true
Goodbye forever shallow man, here’s a kiss x
You nearly scored a hit, I’m lucky you missed.

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