Another Lost Year at Best, poetry by John Grochalski at
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Another Lost Year at Best

Another Lost Year at Best

written by: John Grochalski



another lost year at best

passing the closed down bar
where i used to hungrily pour down beer

passing the faces
cloaked in misery and terror

scared shitless in the grocery store
paranoia in aisle nine

talking poetry with the liquor store man
as he rings up my third plastic bottle of vodka this week

sipping booze in rooms
that i’ve since grown to hate

wearing the same clothes for weeks
wearing the same beard of gray

the neighbor upstairs plays her bass
the neighbor next door bangs the wall

looking at pictures online of another lifetime
and trying to recognize myself in them

collecting aches and pains like baseball cards
as an anniversary of dread approaches

and i flip the calendar over
to a new month

in another lost year at best.

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