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Velizar Ivanov



written by: Deni Neighbour


There she is walking down that road, blonde hair, mini skirt, her cheesecloth shirt tied up to her chest, exposing her midriff, wedge heels on feet

Men whistling, calling out names

That’s my Mum! Don’t look at her like that! On you I’ll pour shame!

And the music plays in my head as she struts down that street

Get it on

Bang a gong

Get it on

A vision to behold. A beauty in an Afghan coat, she dances to her own beat.

And we run to her, all six of us, this woman, surrounding her like pests, all brown as berries, slim as rakes, dark eyed, wanting her embrace

As men and women watch

Shocked that she belongs to us! What’s all the fuss?!

I’ll stick with you baby for a thousand years

Nothing’s going to touch you in these golden years

Gold whop whop

The men all want, the women want to be, people you’re not a patch, dry your tears

We hang on to her, proud, she’s not like other mothers, she’s not dowdy or a frump, she’s still young, a golden Goddess, a tigress,

Are you staring, jealous, whispering, judging my Mum?

What because she’s trendy and fierce and young?

Cum on feel the noize

Girls rock your boys

We’ll get wild, wild, wild

Is that how you all feel? When she passes them, and they sigh

We know she’ll protect us, look out for us, be there for us no matter what, no matter how, no matter what it would cost,

She’ll always stand beside us, behind us, in front of us, all round you know

What to know why? Cos she’s our Mum, she loves us and will kill any foe

Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you

Tomorrow, I’ll miss you

Remember I’ll always be true

This beautiful Mother of mine you’ll never get to know, our very own English rose.

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