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Sonnet of The Insect

written by: Daniel Haskin


Can true love be learned
By the way a bug whispers
Spilling inside an ear like a worm
Singing its insomnia into the world
Words of love born of pain
Blooming from a slender neck
Dismembered like dark flowers
That open in unwritten books

It untangles from its own skin
The insect of nameless joy
And sacrifices to the beloved
Unfurling wings awakening
Transfiguration in a seizure of bliss
Even the beauty of death is love

Daniel Haskin

Daniel Haskin

Daniel Haskin is a Buffalo NY based poet, writer, musician, visual artist, and illustrator. His chapbooks of poetry include "Amnesia", "Past Life Invisible", "The Shallow Sea", and his newly published work "Picture Book: Love, Death Time, and Assorted Ekphrasis". He has also been published in various newspapers, and national journals.
Daniel Haskin

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