Life In Lieu, drabble written by FM Tate at
Sergiu Valena

Life In Lieu

Life In Lieu

written by: FM Tate


There’s something missing.
Something nebulous…
I can’t put my fingers on.
Can’t trace the outline.

Can’t tell if the disappeared
was cut away or just faded,
from a lack of use,
lack of empathy?

If the hole’s always been there-
then the whole never was.
Scales always weighed light.
Perpetual practice makes ballast.

Wallpaper and papyrus
hide the cracks
program the golem.
Go through the motions.

If I run out of words
to bandage breaches,
tourniquet tears
and patch wounds, then what?

Words are the most salvageable part of me
Sometimes shield; sometimes shroud.
Vicarious catharsis.
A life in lieu.

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