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written by: JD


She was alone in the crowd,
Face down, shoulders dropped,
Disturbed by the relentless tide of thoughts,
Suffocated by the prejudice of the world around her,
She walked along without a sense of belonging, she walked along without a purpose..
The sky reflecting her face, turned dark,
The wind picked up its pace,
She felt a drop of water on her head, followed by many,
She raised her head, looked up at the sky, a smile breaking out on her face as the sky opened up more..
Amid the popping umbrellas and running crowd she stood alone..
Facing up, hands drawn out, smiling,
Undisturbed by the tide, breathing in the fresh earth, she stood there with a sense of calmness, her face lit up, she stood there comforted by the nature..



An engineering graduate turned banker who scribbles things down now and then and tortures my best friends by making them read it. Now wanting to expand the extent of the victims. Haha..

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