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The Joy of Christmas

The Joy of Christmas

written by: Giti Tyagi


The festive season commences full throttle,
The joyous laughs, the enchanting cheers,
Children eager for the merriment around,
For Santa’s coming with the gifts abound!

Bagful of toys, handful of sweets,
Spreading smiles in their carefree lives,
When a sudden glimpse on the pavement roadside,
Turn their thoughts to the beautiful eyes!

Beautiful yet sad, perhaps even lonely,
The eyes that shine amidst the pain,
No blanket, no shawls, no sweaters, no blazers,
How does she survive this winter chill!

‘It’s cold and I’ve nowhere to sleep’,
The chilling words of the woman in the street,
Touching hearts of the passers-by,
Yet none stops by to shield her from the bitter cold!

‘Will any of my toys bring her some cheer?’
The thoughts when crossed the child’s mind,
No perhaps, but the tiny steps went,
Towards her as if held by a string- of love, of humanity, of endearment!

Touching her hands, one could feel the chill,
But there was none who would hold her hand,
Comfort her and show her the place,
Steering her through this winter night!

‘All my toys, all my games, worthless today they seem to me,’
When I could offer no shelter no home,
To the shivering souls under the starry roof,
Oh! How inhumane we humans are!

The little gloves on the soft white hands,
The child handed as she tried hard,
To smile back with her twinkling eyes,
‘Thanks’ could not slip out of her shivering lips!

Overwhelmed by the gesture sweet and soft,
Silent tears rolled down her cheeks,
And so did they from the tiny little eyes,
The love, the compassion, the tender emotions mutual!

The angelic eyes then sparkled wide,
The joyous spirit when filled the air,
And the Christmas then was more than ever,
A memorable treat, residing in the hearts forever!



The poem ‘The Joy of Christmas’ describes the true spirit of Christmas when the hearts open out to each other and we are more sensitive and empathetic to the people around us and even in other parts of the world. The beauty of Christmas lies in the fact that humans become more humane and share the joys and sorrows of all, irrespective of any boundaries.

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