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written by: Eric Shelman


Beautiful budding
blossoms, lively, lovely, lush
cheerful, chirping, crisp

Awaken, abloom
alive, active, airy and
fertile, floral, fresh

Peaceful, playing, pleasant
refreshing, rejuvenate
relaxing, renew
sunny, sweet-smelling sprouting
spectacular, stunning, soft

Magnificent, melt
incredible, inspiring
invigorating pastel

breezy, barefoot
verdant, vernal, vibrant, warm
thriving, teeming, tender, clean

happy, hatching

Heavenly, hatching, healthy, happy
weather’s warming wonderfully
fertile, fecund, flourishing
sun-kissed, sun-drenched, sun-filled
grassy, green, growing
cheerful, chirping
crisp, cloudless

breezy, budding
lovely, lively, light
colorful, clean, cheery
alive, anew, awakening
picture perfect, peaceful, pastel
rainy, refreshing, renewing, romp
sprung sprouts stunningly, spectacularly

Season’s changed everything now sun-filled
blossoming budding beautiful florals
playing, pretty, pure, thrilled, willed,
fragrant, fresh, free, chorales, morals,

Sprouting seeds, serene scenery
Peaceful pleasant phenomenal picturesque
Refreshing, renewing rain
Inspirational, ideal, incredible
Nature’s noteworthy notions
Green grasses a-growing

Sweet sensational smells
Picnicking pleasantries, plowing puddles’
Rabbits romping robin’s roaring river
Incredible irises inspire Isthmi
Newborns, new leaves, narration
Gardeners garbed galoshes gardening

Springtimes start sunrises springtides
Pup, playing pap pop
Remember river’s roar, rooster’s rover
Improvisatori, interstimuli, Isthmi
Newborn noteworthy notions negotiation
Growing grassy greens, groundbreaking

Abloom, active, airy, April, April Fool’s Day
Barefoot, blissful, baby animals, butterflies
Changing, clean, chirping, crocus,
caterpillars, clouds, calves, Cinco De
Delightful, daisies, daffodils, dugout,
Energetic, enjoyable, Easter, Earth Day, eggs
Fair, fluffy, flourishing, fertile, floral, fragrant
Gentle grassy green growing, Good Friday
gardening, galoshes, goslings
Happy, healthy, heavenly, hatching, honey
Incredible, invigorating, inspiring, irises
Joyful, June, jog
Kid, kite
Light, lovely, lively, lush, lamb, life cycle
Magnificent, March, March Madness, May
May Day, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day
New, newborn, narcissus, nests, North
nonage, Nature
Outdoors, observations, Ostara, orchids,
Picnic, purple, puddles, plow, pollinate,
poppy, polliwog, Passover
Quests, quack
Rabbits, rainbows, rain boots, rain drops
rebirth, rose buds,
Saint Patrick’s Day, Spring Break, showers,
slicker, sow, skirts, sunny Sundays
Teeming, twigs, thriving, tadpoles, tulips
Unpredictable, umbrellas
Verdant, vernal, vibrant, vernal equinox,
Warm windy weather, worms, wake up
Xanthic, xenial, xenodochy
Young, youthful, yard, yellow

Quack, quack, quack, ducklings chant
hum, hum, hum, hummingbirds rant
croak, croak, croak, frogs pant
drip, drip, drip, melting icicles cry
splash, splash, splash, melting snow fry
gurgle, gurgle, gurle, brook takes
bubble, bubble, bubble, creek makes
chirp, chirp, chirp, birds conversing while
having roll calls
rustle, rustle, rustle, leaf piles, and trees
buzz, buzz, buzz, mosquitos, gnats, bees,
wasps rake
kuk, quaa, muk-muk, squirrels respond
moo, moo, moo, calves speak
cluck, cluck, cluck, chicks talk
drip dropping, drip dropping, drip dropping
rain drops fall off water spouts
burble, burble, burble, gentle waterfalls
tinkle, tinkle, tinkle, stream’s calm water
pitter-patter pitter-patter, pitter-patter gentle
rain rings
dawn, dawn, dawn, birds sing during
warm, warm, warm, winds wail
bright, bright, bright, sun stays
awaken, awaken, awaken, nature after
pitter-clatter, pitter-clatter, pitter-clatter birds and bees’ emotions and hearts.

Sprouting seeds brings, springs forth
budding, blossoms, growth
warm weather, sun-filled days, outweigh
rainy days
replenishing refreshing relaxing’s oath

Crispy airs, sweet-smelling fragrance,
magical, monumental, meaningful times
playing childish-like, freely, and orchestic

plowing, sowing, reaping, gardeners
birds and bees fluster, rustle, bustle,
Nature’s nurturing noteworthy accords

Lovingly, lively, likeable, life’s learnings
Seeing serene scenery earning’s yearning.

Birds flirtatious chirps singing morning’s
peaceful, perfect, picturesque, pleasantries,
renewing, rebirthing, refreshing, strong
ringing, dinging, singing, ping, swayfulness
dancing, prancing, entrancing, rebalance
personifying Nature as deities
seeding, reeding, leeding, planting, balance
customs, worshiping, praying, spontaneities
cheerful, beautiful, wonderful delights
stunning, sparkling, spectacular sprouts
energetic, enjoyable, gentle sights
blissfully, budding, blossoming brights outs
observing, absorbing outdoors splendor
alive, active, anew, abloom, tender.

Seasonal’s sacred festive, obedient oaths
showers, towering overpowering flowers
flora, fauna’s newborn offsprings, coming
overcoming obstacles’ on forever’s hours
birds chirp and bees buzz in responding
retorting powers
traditional customs, worshiping, religion
exploring, enjoy enduring outdoors times,
abhorrent towards all pigeons’ irreligion
Spring springs forwards and towards a
wigeon’s smidgen
smashing, mashing puddles in and out of
the rain
cooking and baking Spring inspired meals
in kitchen
bird-watching, sport-watching
cloud-watching, cranes plains
happily, healthily, heightened, brightened,
swimming, fishing, camping, planting,
granting tightened.

active, anew
breezy, budding, buzzing
Mother Nature, April, snowy, scarves
sledding, snow-mobiling, snowboarding
cold, frozen

Sun-filled, warm
Playing, relaxing, refreshing
Blooming flowers and hearts desires

Eric Shelman

Eric Shelman

Eric Shelman began writing poetry shortly after reading Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven and also his mother read to him all the time as well. Has been writing poetry for more than 18 years now. He writes all sorts of poetic forms and even ones he merged together and made up.
Eric Shelman

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