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Don’t Burn Out All the Lights

written by: Amanda Eifert



Why must you burn out all the lights?
Brilliant flamboyant fireworks expired.
Why must you burn out the brightest stars?
Why must they fall to earth, disintegrate in the atmosphere?
Why must you burn out all the lights?
I’ll ask myself, I’ll ask you a thousand times —
Why must the most luminescent celestial lights implode?
Why must you call their radiance back to Heaven,
When on earth we need them in our despair?
Why must you burn out all the lights —
And leave us in the dark?
Where tears give no solace,
Where the scent of love and life lingers;
No matter that their light has passed, gone to the sweet hereafter.


Please, don’t burn out all the lights too soon;
Generations need their cheerful radiance.
Their gleam of intelligence, their self-presence;
Their unique essence, their joyfulness, their love.
Why must you burn out all the lights?
I’m not saying their sparks are perfect;
At times they were at fault,
Other times, these lights shone not where their glow was most needed.
But, please, don’t burn out all the lights,
Before a lifetime of premiers, middles, and finales;
For certain lights evaporate quickly — infinite invisible streams of sunshine gone.
Now, a ghostly glow remains, in the places we once knew their luminance;
Why must you burn out all the lights?
Permit sickness and disease to ravage their shine,
Until the person we knew is smoke — ash;
Nothing more than that.
And when their inner gleam speedily flees,
We lose our hope, when all the lights burnout.
Too many lights are sparklers,
Fleeting in beauty, whispering specters that haunt.
And though we smile half heartedly,
We know their eternal lights are dazzling —
As more than a billion eternal splendid suns and soaring stars;
They’ve softly soared to forever,
White star-dust marks their passing.


Yet, I wonder and insist — why must you burn out all the lights?
So, many nights I still beg,
That you won’t let their lights fade to air.
For they’re my dear friends and family,
And for me there is no distinction;
They’re all the people of my heart, some with lights flickering out.
Life isn’t fair and my tears can’t douse the flames,
They only fan the fires as stars and nebulas retract their glare;
A glimmer of light snuffed out,
A black hole where light once shimmered.
Why must you let all the lights burn out?
Fireworks of every colour and type.
Come quickly, heal the pain and darkness,
So that we may all be as —
Burning lights, eternal and prolific.
Lights that never lose vitality,
For you are the light of the world,
The only one who can keep our sparks lit;
The Grand Master whose brightness does not dim,
The sun that will never die out.
Light absorbing darkness and in it overcoming,
The burning out of all lights — forever and forever.

Amanda Eifert

Amanda Eifert

Amanda M. Eifert is a writer from Alberta, Canada. She blogs at wordpress - Mandibelle16 and you can find some of her recent poetry in an upcoming NaPoWriMo Anthology for 2020. Loves writing, dogs, and her dear friends and family!
Amanda Eifert

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