Anxiety Attack written by Linda M. Crate at

Anxiety Attack

anxiety attack

written by: Linda M. Crate



couldn’t breathe
room was spinning
my heart-felt as if it were
going to explode out
of my chest
your mother’s words made
no sense to me
couldn’t hear anything,
but everything i felt was chaotic;
no one seemed to notice
the turmoil i was going through
until i somehow found
enough strength to sit on the steps
i remember the eyes
all fixed on me
which made my anxiety spiral out of control
even further—
curiosity may not be a sin,
but it is rude
to stare,
and i abhor anything that is less than using one’s manners;
i’ve always been that way
don’t like people staring
never have or will
it’s so unnecessary and makes me uncomfortable—
just let me do my own thing,
and if you want something
i am not a mind reader or psychic;
your eyes make me
when all they do is watch me.

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