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written by: AngelFace44



Weak and powerless am I to him
the reason is unknown.
Yet, crook his little finger
and off running I go.

Irresistible, he is to me
he makes me want to be naughty.
Delicious, stolen moments shared
are brief, yet gratifying.

To resist and go without, I've tried
to put an end to this affair.
Resolve falters and quickly fails
once I see him standing there.

Perhaps I'll just lose interest
or he may do the same.
Until or unless a change is made
the temptation will remain.



I have always had a love affair with books and am an avid reader. I recently started writing poetry and have fallen in love with it. Expressing myself through the written word is a great release. Sharing my work with others and being welcomed into the communities of other writers is amazing.

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