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Oceans Of Hope

Oceans of Hope

written by: Seorin Kae



Sometimes I ponder
The love you hold for me

Sometimes I wonder
How you wrap your heart around me

The tiny thorns I hold
Two feet on eggshells
Cold tears iced up inside me

My pride an inch from being broken
My heart a heartbeat from beating no more
My fears wound up around my destiny

I wonder why
You dared to love me
You dared to hold on
To my hands
To my heart
My tears and my fears
You dared to believe
I am worth loving

You are not afraid of the thorns
You are not afraid of the ice

Across the oceans
Across the waves
Across miles and miles of doubt
You chose to see a smile in me
You chose to see a beating heart
Capable of love
Capable of tenderness
Capable of hope
Inside of me

Seorin Kae

Seorin Kae

I am a student(MA) and a teacher with a busy schedule, but a lot of thoughts and sentiment I would like to share.
Through my works I want to capture the beauty we so often observe but don't always appreciate . I want to sketch the heart of the inner being of mankind and shed light in the different colors of love that we don't have names for.
Seorin Kae

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